About Us

The parent company of Furniture 24/7 is Multi Commerce International Ltd, which was founded in November 1970.

We have been in the furniture business for over thirty years, selling to high street multiple stores as well as mail order companies and wholesalers such as, MFI, Courts, Argos, Great Universal Stores and Littlewoods to name but a few.

Most of our lines are stock items, which is why delivery times are quick, usually within 14 days. Most other online furniture retailers buy the goods you order only AFTER you have paid for them. This is why waiting their delivery times can be up to 8 weeks.

Our great value products are supplied by factories all around the world and the savings we make by bulk buying are passed on to the customer.

This, coupled with low overheads (no high street stores or expensive glossy brochures) is why our prices cannot be beaten.