Silk Flat Sheet

£114.99 - £169.99
Silk Flat Sheet
£114.99 - £169.99
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Product Information

Silk Flat Sheet

  • Sandwashed silk feels irresistibly soft and luxurious. It is so soft to one's skin and hair that they say it holds back the aging of one's skin and keeps one's hair sleek and shiny.
  • Silk bedding has been claimed for centuries in China to be soothing to aches, pains and itchy skin.
  • Habotai silk is not as slippery as satin, but can still be very helpful for those who have difficulty turning over in bed.
  • This Flat Sheet is made of Sandwashed Mulberry Habotai silk, with a Satin trim delineating an 8cm / 3' border at the top edge.
  • The colour is Ivory. This is actually Mulberry silk's natural colour: That means there is no dye that might fade or run in the wash.


    Silk Flat Sheet Sizes:

  • Single: 180 x 275cm / 6' x 9'2'.
  • Double: 230 x 275cm / 7'8' x 9'2'
  • King Size: 225 x 220cm / 7'6' x 7'4'
  • King / Super King Size: 295 x 275cm / 9'10' x 9'2'


    Washing Hint:
  • The sheets can be washed at 30ēC. Use a washing soap recommended for silk and wool. Spin gently and hang-dry. They then scarcely need ironing. The sheets can be dry cleaned, but 30ēC washing is preferred.