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Breakfast Dining Sets cater for the casual eating experience and are less formal. Metal Dining Room Furniture, with tabletops in glass or wood, offer a high strength alternative and are available with round and rectangular tabletops with matching chairs. Round Dining Tables & Chairs are great for social dining. Extending Dining Room Tables are perfect for adding additional seats to your dining room. Glass Table and Chairs are contemporary and stylish and can add a feeling of space to your dining area. Rectangular Dining Sets offer the widest range of sizes and seating options. Leather Dining Furniture, upholstered in bycast leather or in faux leather is popular and our range of furniture reflects this.

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Seven Quick Tips for Buying Dining Room Furniture | Tables & Chairs

  1. With so many different styles to choose from, finding the perfect dining table is easy and fun. Traditional dining room tables are best in formal dining areas while kitchen tables and dinette tables offer a more casual look. More contemporary styles feature glass and metal construction in a variety of styles.
  2. The size of the room and number of people you anticipate using the table regularly should be the biggest determining factors as you shop for dining tables. Small dining tables that seat two to four people are great for couples while a formal dining room requires tables capable of seating 6 or more diners.
  3. In addition to the size of the room you'll be using it in, the room's shape should also be considered when choosing dining tables. An oval or rectangular dining table will fit best in long, narrow rooms. For square or almost square dining rooms, dining tables in round or square shapes will ensure that your dinner guests are seated comfortably with plenty of room left to walk around the table.
  4. The dining table you select should coordinate well with your home's existing decor. Traditional styles of dining tables made of wood or metal work best with traditional decor while tables featuring sleek designs and clean lines are suitable in contemporary homes.
  5. Bevelled glass tabletops paired with stylish wrought iron table designs or leather chairs will infuse a bit of flair into your home.
  6. Often dining tables are available in several different finishes. Dark wood and black finishes look best with modern decor while light wood and more rustic finishes have a traditional look and feel to them.
  7. Dining tables with extra leaves, commonly know as extending dining sets, with either slide-out or drop-in styles, allow you to easily add extra seating when hosting large dinner parties.